After earning bobux on the Earn page, wait in the group for 2 weeks to be eligible to withdraw instantly at any time without a wait period!

How do I earn ROBUX?

We have a couple ways to earn ROBUX on our website:

1. Offer walls

Offer walls are lists of different types of offers that you can complete for ROBUX. They're simple to use and have offers that range from watching videos to writing surveys to downloading mobile apps/games.

2. Social Media

Social Media is the easiest way to earn some ROBUX! By following us on social media via the Earn page, you will receive ROBUX for each website you follow/join us on.

3. Referrals

You can refer your friends and make an additional 10% robux for any robux they make for their entire lifetime! So if they earn 100 robux, you would get 10 free robux doing absoloutely no work!