After earning bobux on the Earn page, wait in the group for 2 weeks to be eligible to withdraw instantly at any time without a wait period!

How do I withdraw ROBUX?

Follow the steps below to withdraw R$ into your ROBLOX account:

1. Go to the withdraw page

2. There are 2 methods you can withdraw with, gamepass and group payouts. You need to wait 16 days in the group before withdrawing due to a ROBLOX update. It is recommended you join the group immediately and while you wait the 16 days, you use gamepass withdraw.

3. For gamepass withdraw, go to your game and make a gamepass and set it at the price you want. ROBLOX takes a 30% tax, but the site will cover that for you, so don't worry, the site will only take away the full amount we've giving you from your balance!

4. For group payouts, after waiting 16 days, enter the amount you want and press withdraw.

5. You should get your robux instantly with group withdraw. For gamepass withdraw, the robux will pend in your account for 5 days before you get it. To check if it is pending, click here. If you need further assistance, watch the YouTube video on the withdraw page, or contact support through our discord server.

When do you restock?

Our gamepass withdraws are usually always stocked, although group stock is a little trickier if ROBLOX locks the group from too many payouts. If that happens, it will be 5 days maximum before the group is restocked.